Book Arts in Europe



To learn and collaborate with my colleagues to design and create various prints with reputable printing presses.


Most of the work created during this study abroad course was collaborative work; the only personal prints were the linocuts. For the group projects, we had to choose a single theme that would represent our work. Our main idea was our observation of the life and nuances of each city we visited. So, we titled our project Osservazioni (Italian, "Observations").


In the Osservazioni Poster, each of us typeset a letter of our title with different ornamental type blocks. In the Osservazioni Accordion Book, we typeset our own paragraph (and again a letter) of our personal observations and reflections. Additionally, I and two other colleagues created a haiku poster titled Opus? (Latin, "Work") about the significance of one's own artwork no matter the content and message.


My linocuts Celestial and Lethal Creed are simply products of my exploration with this medium, since this was my first time making them. I have an affinity for astronomy and Japanese, so I chose these two ideas to cut and print.


• Printed in Summer 2017

• Completed as a student at Western Michigan University during study abroad at the following studios:

–Florence School of Fine Arts (Italy)

–Tipoteca (Italy)

–Basler Papiermühle (Switzerland)

–Druckwerk (Switzerland)

–Letterpress Amsterdam (Netherlands)

• Course: Book Arts in Europe with Jeff Abshear

• Countries: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France

• Prints: posters, linocuts, and an accordion book

• Group: 11 (including me)

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