Lethal Creed: Evolution



World War III is at a close, the aching nations are desperately reviving by all means necessary, and the world's desire to acquire true peace has never been so genuine. But the unprecedented event of E-Day has made things way more complicated. Jake Rooley knows his true purpose in life, and with the effects from this life-changing event he can now understand how he'd be able to fulfill it. He and the world have been equipped with supernatural abilities. Using their newfound power, man can expedite global recovery, but they must also hinder their wish to abuse this miracle. In this arc of his journey Jake is found having to gather the most powerful people on the planet to be a band of global heroes. To attain a greater world peace they must establish and enforce a new order: new rules, new systems, and new ways of life. Unfortunately, in this world, as long as there are hearts of good, there will still be love for evil. Jake's new enemy possesses both, and now they are way more apt to prove it.


© 2019 Deon Mixon