Lethal Creed: Genesis



Jake Rooley is a high school graduate blessed with the opportunity to enlist into a new U.S. Special Force. He considers the life ahead of him a straightforward fulfillment: that fighting alongside his already captain-ranked older brother, Kevin, is the purpose he’s been waiting to grasp. The night before his graduation, however, he has a dream that he doesn’t understand. In the dream, an unknown voice apparently reminds Jake to fulfill his true purpose in life—a purpose supposedly far more extraordinary than what he had envisioned. Perplexed by the dream but intrigued by the mystery of its contents, Jake moves forward with his military career, contemplating on the many dramatic experiences that come his way. Unfortunate events elsewhere in the world cause the declaration of WWIII and this officially propels Jake into a savage journey that gradually reveals the secrets of his dream and the discovery of his true purpose.


© 2019 Deon Mixon