The Movie Map



To design an infographic for any subject with a viable amount of data. Being an avid movie-watcher I was eager to explore information related to movie posters.


This map is a collection of movie posters that reveal the range of color used in them. They have been optically organized by the hue, or color, that is most visually prominent and also by value, or brightness. The main idea here is to comprehend why certain colors were used for a poster whose parent movie is of a particular film genre.


The data strips beneath each block of posters show an overall color and value study of that block. Here, one could determine what may be the most common color used for a film genre.




• Designed in Fall 2016

• The map consists of 350 posters (70 posters for each genre) for movies released in 2015. Movies were selected based on popularity as determined by the film site: Some movies were selected from preceding years to fulfill the range of most popular movies. They were then organized into the five most common film genres.

• Completed as a student at Western Michigan University

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