The Detroit Rise



To complete my BFA design thesis. I chose to redesign the flag of Detroit, MI.


Thesis Statement

The city of Detroit is currently in a state of renovation, and for all its great effort to resurrect from a troubled past, it deserves a symbol of rebirth just as new as the ash it is gradually rising from. Detroit is in need of a new flag. Its current flag doesn’t follow basic principles of good flag design. The design is too complex, it uses too many colors, and the city seal shouldn’t be on it. This redesign is a response to these issues and also to the citizens who don’t even know their city has a flag. This project aims to encourage the people of Detroit to adopt, fly, and embrace the new flag and to, especially, reassert the city’s image.


The colors black, white, and blue represent resilience, righteousness, and progression, respectively. The points of the star represent Detroit’s most successful industries: the automotive industry, music, art and design, life science, and high technology, and the white form symbolizes the Detroit River and the city’s motto; it represents a rising from struggles the city endures and a path toward the better things the city hopes for and shall attain.


• Designed in Spring 2017

• Completed as a student at Western Michigan University

• Detroit Rise Flag site is here.

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